Travelling with friends is always a great experience. It makes you see and explore things in a different way because you share your journey with others and they share it with you, making the whole travel experience more enriching and enjoyable!

But sometimes you should take out time for yourself too and experience travelling in a different way, the way you want it. Out of most of the  24 hours that you spend wide awake are with people around you, people you love, people you are not very fond of but well, you can’t help it but tolerate their presence around you. Be it at work place, school or University you study at or home or when you are commuting. Just reflect on this,  how much time do you actually spend with your self??? How much do you know yourself?? Are you really sure that what you think you enjoy doing is actually what ‘YOU’ really enjoy doing or its based on what commonly people enjoy and you have got yourself adapted to the trend!!??( PS- Taking Darwin’s theory way too seriously, are we??!! ??).

Yes, there will definitely be doubts in your head, whether you will be able to manage on your own in a completely new city or a country, different language, currency etc etc especially when you plan to travel solo for the first time. It’s thrilling, oh it definitely is! You might even become addicted to it!  Here are few things that helped me make the decision of travelling solo.I hope it helps you too. Moreover, who knows,  it might just be the best decision and eventually the best experience!?

  • Makes you more outgoing

Travelling alone makes you open to new experiences and makes you step out of your comfort zone.

When you travel in a group, not everybody would have common interests and you might have to compromise on your itenery. Na ha! Who likes to do that! ?

  • More time for yourself

Travelling alone gives you more time and space to better understand yourself

While travelling in a group you need to take care of your companions and their feelings as well leaving very little time and sometimes energy to think about what you need. ?

  • Learn to deal with unexpected situations

Travelling alone teaches you to deal with unexpected situations. It makes you more responsible and vigilant. As i mentioned earlier that we can meet people from all around the world and make new friends, but at the same time solo travel experiences teach you  to differentiate good people from the cons. You learn about the limit upto which you should share any information or exchange kind words with strangers you meet while travelling, as we all know looks can be very deceptive. You understand this in the true sense when you travel solo. It might seem like an unpleasant experience at that point of time but it becomes like a lesson that you will always remember. It makes you a smart traveller and a more vigilant citizen whom nobody can con or fool easily.

Travelling with others, the trips are usually well planned and If there is any emergency, usually people are there to help you out. You might think that this is good. Well, it is, but is it really helping you grow and become independent?? Think about it! ?

  • You meet new people and learn to explore

Travelling alone improves your social skills. You meet people, make new friends. They might be traveling solo too just like you and you get learn a lot talking to them about their experiences and which makes you more confident with your future solo trips. You meet the localites and you get to know their culture well and you might even come to know about places and things to do that possibly you wont find on Google! C,mon only doing touristy things is such a cliche! 

When you are travelling with  friends or family or if you take a tour, you have to stick with them most of times. How are you going to explore then!

  • Makes you money smart

Travelling alone teaches you the value of experiences yes! But most importantly it teaches you the value of money! ( Unless you have very deep pockets! ?) you will learn the currency conversions and and how to plan your expenditure in a way that will help you stick to your itenery without making you bankrupt and also help you plan your itenery accordingly.

Travelling with others you sometimes cannot keep a track of your expenses.

  • Learn new skills

Travelling alone teaches you how to self-help, learn local art forms, new languages, helps you develop a taste for different cuisines and a lot more. All this trust me, adds on to your already awesome personality! It makes you more wise, knowledgeable and more interesting!

Travelling with friends, they are always there to offer help and moreover you might not be able to try whatever you want to coz of obvious conflict of interest! ?

  • Makes you independent

Travelling solo makes you more independent and more self dependent would be the right term. You learn to ask and do things yourself rather than waiting like a damsel in distress  for your knight in shining armour…umm shining Armani sounds better! ? It makes you more matured and wiser. If you are a short tempered freak like me then it will  help you calm down as well! Remember, temper is the worse thing you can carry with you while travelling solo. It can really get you in trouble! Last but not the least, it teaches you the importance of pure solitude! ?

You definitely cannot inculcate all this while travelling in a group! 

 If  you are still scared or have your own doubts of traveling solo,  well, its normal in the beginning but dont let that fear hold you back. Remember this- You never really travel alone, the world is full of friends… waiting to get to know you! ?


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