Are you a wine lover? Even if it’s a no a weekend getaway to Sula Vineyards will not disappoint you! I’ve been wanting to go to sula since time immemorial, so finally I chose a weekend and spontaneously asked a few friends to come along and let me tell you it was hands-down our best one day trip so far.

Sula Vineyard has everything that can make your trip a memorable one! From several selfie spots to wine tasting it made our time worth the while. So to unwind from your monotonous routine this one day trip to Sula is all you need…..

We left on a Saturday at 7:00am in the morning and reached the vineyards by 11:00am with only two pit stops. Leaving early in the morning will give you ample time to explore the place. The entry road is covered with grape fields from both the sides which makes its way till the wine tasting unit as well as the factory. Spread in a whopping 30 acres of land the Vineyard will leave you awe-struck. After reaching the tasting unit we signed up for our tour. There were two tours of 12:30 and 1:30. The first one priced at 300Rs with 3 wine tasting and the second one at 375Rs with 6 wine tasting. We went for the 6 wine tasting and yes it was a tad woozy(haha) experience! However if you’re not into drinking wine you can exclude the tasting and only pay for the tour if the Vineyard.

As soon as the minutes hand crossed 6 we all gathered on the front porch on the first floor. We were assigned a guide and our tour begun! The guide as we speak did an excellent job on briefing us about the history of wine making and the stepwise procedure of what goes into the making of wines, preparation, wine maturing and bottling the wines. What follows is that the guide takes us in the barrel room which screams vintage. This is where the wine is kept in wooden barrels for maturing. Then comes the most awaited part of the tour, “the tasting”. The guide briefs us about the 6 types of wines and then all of us proceed to taste. You can even go for the grape stomping after this if you aren’t pressed on time. The whole process is carried out in the factory located behind the Sula vineyard’s main building.

After this tour we went to check out the gorgeous rooftop restaurant on the first floor. This restaurant is a blessing as it gives you a mesmerizing view of the whole Vineyard as well as a treat for your taste buds. The whole place is surrounded with hillocks covered in green and the barns beautifully fenced with the trees. Furthermore, after having a blissful lunch we went to the ground floor again, it has a souvenir and wine shop! The shop has everything ranging from wines, coffee mugs, t-shirts and a plenty of wine accessories that will keep the memories of the Sula vineyard fresh and end your trip on a good note.

So do visit sula and detox from your weekly stressful routine!


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